cancelled calls on iphone

Cancelled Calls On iPhone: (2023 Ultimate Guide)

The iPhone Call log contains different terms, including outgoing, missed, and canceled calls. Most people don’t know about cancelled calls on iPhone. 

Canceled calls appear in the log when someone cancels your Call, or you cancel it before they pick it up. They also appear when network issues are on your or the other side.

Don’t worry if you find it still confusing. We have shared all the things related to canceled calls on iPhone and the related queries. So let’s get started.

cancelled calls on iphone

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What Does Cancelled Call Mean iPhone?

The canceled Call on an iPhone means that the receiver didn’t pick up your Call. It also appears in your log when you cancel the Call before the receiver picks up.

Additionally, in a few cases, when you run out of credit during the Call, you see the option to cancel the Call in your call log.

Based on the above situations, it is clear that a canceled call means your receiver didn’t answer your Call or hung up.

So, whenever you see the option of canceled Call in your call log, it means that the Call has gone through your iPhone, but the receiver didn’t pick it up or cancel it.

What Does A Canceled Call Mean On An iPhone Call Log?

what does a canceled call mean on iphone

In simple words, Canceled in the call log means you have canceled the Call before the receiver on the other side answers you. It’s a different scenario from a missed call. 

For example, in an emergency, if we accidentally call someone else and immediately cancel it, then it will show the canceled Call on the iPhone Call log.

We often regret this mistake, but do cancel calls also show on other’s phones? Or do cancel calls appear as missed calls on their phones? If you wanna know more about Canceled calls, read the guide below.

Reasons Behind The Cancelled Call On iPhone?

If a Canceled Call is appearing in your call log, it must be because of the following reasons:

1. Network Issue

To make calls on an iPhone, a stable network connection is necessary. If either you or the person you’re calling experiences a network issue, the Call may be dropped, resulting in a “canceled call” displayed in your call log.

2. When You Cancelled The Call

It is also possible when you end a call on your iPhone before it’s answered. This can occur if you accidentally dial the wrong number or change your mind about making the Call. In either case, the Call will show up as “canceled” in your call log.

3. When the Receiver Declined Or Blocked The Call

It’s also important to note that a “canceled call” can appear in your call log if the recipient declines or blocks your Call. This means that while your iPhone successfully placed the Call, the recipient could not receive it. 

In these cases, you will still see a record of the call attempt as “canceled” in your call log.

Does Cancelled Call On iPhone Means Receiver Has Cancelled Your Call?

On an iPhone, several scenarios in which a call may appear “canceled” in your call log. One reason is if you hang up the Call before the recipient answers it. 

Another scenario is if the recipient declines or blocks your Call. Weak network signals can also result in canceled calls on an iPhone, causing the Call to disconnect before reaching Voicemail. 

Lastly, if the recipient does not answer the Call and it goes to Voicemail, it will also show as a canceled call. In summary, any call that does not result in a successful connection will appear as a “canceled call” on an iPhone.

How Do You Know If Someone Declines Your Call On iPhone?

How can you know that someone declined your Call or accidentally missed it?

If the recipient declines a call, the phone will usually ring only once or twice before stopping. 

On the other hand, if the recipient does not answer the Call, it will continue to ring for several cycles before either going to Voicemail or being disconnected. In either case, if the Call is not answered, it will show up as a “missed call” or “canceled call” in your call log.

Signs To Know Someone Is Declining Or Ignoring Your Call On iPhone:

You can determine if a call is being ignored or declined on an iPhone by the number of rings before it goes to Voicemail. 

If the phone rings only 2-3 times, likely, the recipient is intentionally declining the Call by using the decline button. 

On the other hand, if the Call continues to ring for 5-6 cycles or around 25 seconds, it is considered a missed call. Remember that the exact time it takes for a call to go to Voicemail can vary depending on the carrier and individual voicemail settings.

Do Cancelled Calls On iPhone Mean You Are Blocked By Others?

Sometimes canceled calls also mean that the recipient blocks you. However, how will you know if a recipient has blocked you?

Scenario 1: (If The Recipient Has Blocked You)

what does a cancelled call mean on iphone

Remember, iPhone comes with a call-blocking feature if your recipient enables this option. Then your Call will ring only once and go straight to Voicemail. And keep in mind that your Call will never go to the recipient’s phone.

Likewise, “Block this caller” also blocks your facetime calls and text messages. When you send any message to the recipient who blocks you, you’ll get a notification of “Message not delivered.”

You can also block people on your iPhone. Here is a guide to block FaceTime calls, voice calls, and messages from others. Also, you can send unknown callers to Voicemail; here is a guide.

Scenario 2: (If The Recipient Has Turned On Airplane Mode)

Sometimes, the recipient has also turned on Airplane mode or Don’t disturb mode. In this case, your Call will go directly to Voicemail.

Don’t worry; you can also check whether someone has blocked you or they have turned on Airplane mode.

Simply call the person from another phone number. If it rings, then it means that the person has blocked your previous number. And if you call directly go to Voicemail, it means that the person has turned on the Airplane mode.

In short, if you’re calling a person who blocks you, your Call will show as a canceled Call on the iPhone call log. 

Do WhatsApp Calls On iPhone Also Show As Cancelled Calls?

call canceled iphone

iPhone Call log shows the information on calls from all social apps, Facetime calls, dialers, video calls, etc. So, if you call someone on Whatsapp and hang up immediately, it will appear as a canceled call on your iPhone call log.

The same happens for other social apps like Snapchat, Instagram, Messenger, Skype, etc. iPhone Call log algorithms work similarly for every social app that supports calling.

But on the Whatsapp call log, you’ll never see a canceled call option. Whatsapp on Apple is named such calls “Missed calls.”

what is a canceled call on iphone

Why Cancelled iPhone calls show up as missed calls on receiver phones?

Keep in mind that the canceled iPhone calls show up as missed calls on the receiver’s phone. 

Accidentally making and then canceling a call can be an embarrassing experience. Instead of canceling the Call, consider having a brief conversation with the recipient. 

When the recipient answers the Call, it will appear as an outgoing call on their iPhone call log. 

However, it’s important to note that in some cases, canceled calls may not appear as missed calls on the recipient’s phone. It depends on the Call’s specific circumstances and the recipient’s phone settings.

Canceled Call Vs. Missed Call Vs. Ongoing Call Vs. Outgoing Call

Cancelled CallsMissed CallIncoming CallOutgoing Call
When you hang up, call before it goes to voicemail or received by another person.When you missed a call while your iPhone is asleep. When you answer someone ‘s call. When you call a person and he/she is answering your call

Does A Cancelled Call Go Through iPhone?

Yes. A canceled call goes through the iPhone, but the person doesn’t pick it up or decline it. Due to this reason, it appears as a canceled call on your call log.

As long as the person is on the other side and you can hear the ring of the Call, that’s a sign that the Call is going through the iPhone. 

So, whenever you see an option that says “Canceled call,” the Call has gone through your iPhone, but the person on the other side cannot pick it up and declines your Call.

What Does Outgoing Call Cancelled Mean?

Whenever you see a canceled call instead of an outgoing one on your log, the recipient cannot pick up your Call and declines the Call.

The canceled Call also shows up when you hang up the Call before the recipient picks up. It might also happen because of network issues from your or the person’s side.

What Does Cancelled Facetime Call Mean iPhone?

When you change your mind about calling someone, this usually occurs. Due to this, a FacTime cancellation message appears on your log when you hang up the Call.

As the recipient may discover a missed FaceTime call, you must message him/her to avoid them calling you back. 

Various reasons can lead to the cancellation of a FaceTime call. It’s possible that the recipient is not able to pick up your Call or declined to answer it.

It could also be a network issue, or you cancel the Call before the recipient picks up the Call.

Is Cancelling Calls Similar To Declining Calls?

No. These are different terms.

The person always does declining calls. Instead of answering your Call, the person declines or hangs up your Call.

While you or the person often do the canceled calls on the other side. They see your Call but don’t pick it up and hang it up. Due to this reason, a canceled call appears on your log.

Does A Cancelled Call Show Up As A Missed Call On iPhone?

cancelled call iphone

No. Canceled calls don’t appear as missed calls on your iPhone because these are different things. A canceled call appears in your call log when you make a call and hang up before the recipient picks it up or it goes to Voicemail.

In contrast, if you don’t pick up or send the Call to Voicemail when the other person calls, it will appear on your iPhone as a missed call rather than a canceled call.

Difference Between Outgoing Call And Canceled Call

Cancelled CallsOutgoing Call
When you hang up, call before it goes to voicemail or received by another person.When you call a person and he/she is answering your call
You Cancel the callYou Make the call

Many situations can arise when you use your iPhone to call someone. Leave a voicemail or get an answer from them. 

It is also possible for the Call to be terminated at the other end. The person on the other end will record this as an “Outgoing call” in your call log.

As mentioned above, if the phone rings and then goes to Voicemail, it will appear as outgoing. 

If you wish to end the Call before the recipient picks up or before the voicemail message has been completed, you can do so at any time. This will be recorded on your call log as a “Canceled Call.”

Is A Canceled Call Still Valid?

Whether a canceled call on an iPhone will appear as a missed call on the recipient’s phone depends on the specific situation. 

If the Call is canceled immediately and the recipient’s phone does not ring, it is possible that the missed Call will not show up. However, if the recipient’s phone begins ringing before the Call is canceled, it will likely show up as a missed call. 

Instead of canceling a call and potentially appearing as an unknown number or missed Call, it may be better to stay on the line and have a conversation, depending on the circumstances.

what does Canceled Call On iPhone means

Is A Canceled Call Regarded As A Missed Call?

Many iPhone users are curious about the perception of Cancelled calls on the receiving end. If you dial someone and hang up before they answer or the Voicemail starts, it will appear as a Missed Call on their iPhone. 

In the case of a mistake in dialing, it is advisable to stay on the line and explain the situation. The receiver may simply call you back after canceling the Call. 

If you accidentally dial an emergency number, the operator will ask you to stay on the line and call you back immediately if you cancel the Call. Therefore, it is better to engage in a conversation instead of appearing as an unknown number or Missed Call.

How Can You Tell If Someone Drops Your Call On Your iPhone?

A commonly asked question among iPhone users concerns whether callers can tell if their Call has been declined.

Remember, you won’t be able to confirm that your Call was declined; depending on how many rings you received, you might be able to tell.

If you make a call that rings twice and then goes to Voicemail again, its means that the receiver has likely declined the Call.

Can Canceling Calls On Your iPhone Mean That Others Block You?

A common inquiry among iPhone users is whether they can determine if the recipient blocks their calls. 

To determine if someone is blocking you on the iPhone, check if your calls are being sent directly to Voicemail. If this is the case, the recipient may have enabled the “Block this Caller” option. 

This feature not only blocks incoming calls but also blocks text messages from being delivered to the recipient. In this case, you will receive a notification indicating the failure of the message delivery. 

Additionally, you can block other iPhone users by following the guide on blocking FaceTime and voice calls. Voicemail can be utilized to handle calls from unknown callers.

Why Was The iPhone Call Cancelled Immediately?

If a Call on your iPhone is ended abruptly, it could be due to the receiver declining the Call or a network problem. In either case, the outcome would be a canceled Call showing in your call log.

How To Cancel Call Forwarding On iPhone?

To cancel call forwarding on iPhone, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the Settings on your iPhone.
  2. Tap on “Phone.”
  3. Look for “Call Forwarding” and turn it off.


What Does Cancel Call Mean On An iPhone?

When a call is made on your iPhone, and you end it before the receiver answers it or it goes to Voicemail, it will appear as a canceled call in your call history instead of an outgoing call.

Does A Cancelled Call Go Through On iPhone?

Yes. The canceled Call went through on your iPhone but didn’t pick up by the recipient. 

Does A Call Go Through If You Cancel Right Away?

This means that the Call will not reach the recipient and will be recorded as a canceled call in your iPhone’s call log. In most cases, if you cancel the Call too quickly, it will not connect, and the recipient will not receive the Call.


The whole article concluded that the canceled Call is the one that is canceled by you and is not picked up by the recipient on the other side. 

Hopefully, now you should know all about the canceled calls on iPhone and all the related queries.

The above guide is based on our deep research and experience, and we’re sure you’ll benefit greatly from it.

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